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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  September 2, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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jummy: that breaking news we are following is at the foggy bottom metro station this new. a heart stopping moment for a local mother. after authorities say -- authorities say that a woman tried to kidnap her baby. sam? 9:30 thiss about
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morning according to metro and it was down in the tunnels there after the train had left the rosslyn station in virginia. the next stop here, the foggy bottom station in d.c. according to metro, one woman was trying to take another woman's child out of the stroller. the child was strapped in that according to a twitter message from a passenger on the plane -- train, the woman grabbed the child from the stroller, the child was crying hysterically, the mother was screaming when a passenger tackle the woman trying to take the child and with the help of other passengers held her on the floor of the train until they arrived here at the foggy bottom metro station, where the woman was arrested by metro station police. a passenger in another car said that he saw the commotion and saw passengers piling on another passenger. after this we did see the woman, the child, brought out of the
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tunnels here at this station and escorted away from here by the police. the suspect, the woman that they believe tried to take the child, she was put in a police car and taken away as well. , but ane here is over very frightening situation certainly for a mother with a stroller and somebody trying to take her child. sam, what a story. thank you for that update. in the meantime, a dramatic scene unfolding right now in baltimore. more protests and arrests amid rising tensions this noon. the first hearing since freddie gray died in custody was held this morning. for thefor the first -- six officers charged in his death are in court. sam sweeney is live in baltimore with a major development in the courtroom and outside the courtroom as well. sam?
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sam: we have learned in the last few minutes that the judge has denied two of the last -- two of the three motions. recuse the state's attorney here in baltimore. the third motion is a motion for separate trials for each officer. that will be decided today at 2:00. in the meantime it is calm right a mucht earlier it was different situation. protesters began lining up this morning, chanting and sharing a message of hope and justice. as the peaceful protest wrapped up, a man came out of the crowd and said -- no, this is not down theare shutting streets. he fired up the crowd and everyone started heading towards the inner harbor. the media following along, stopping traffic. when we got down to the inner harbor, things quickly escalated. cars were caught in the middle
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of the demonstration. a voice from a police helicopter shouted at us to disperse or be arrested. no one listened. that is when the leader grew more defiant and was taken down by police. let's watch a piece of that. protest is right there in the street, moving right there. the police was literally like swarming. when he was trying to come across the street, a white car hit him. not even three minutes, they came down on him. severalshould note that protesters who spoke with us afterwards said the leader of the group was run over by a car, but he was faking that, in -- and when the police approached him he resisted arrest. side,r was put into his
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but they never used the taser, they never got him inside the van. he was eventually taken away in an ambulance. once again, two of the motions have been denied. heard later onbe this afternoon at around 2:00. our colleague, brad bell, is inside the courthouse and will have the update coming up, as well as on twitter and our website, reporting live, sam sweeney. you, sam.nk parents are on alert in prince william's county. a man exposed himself to a 17-year-old girl on her way to the bus stop this morning. jeannette reyes has more on what we know about that suspect. >> a 17-year-old girl walking to school this morning, when she turned to this wooded area and saw something disturbing. she saw the man at 7:30 this morning in woodbridge.
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exposed himself and made obscene gestures. but he did not touch the girl. >> i would say it's going downhill. >> the time that you have a student trying to walk to the school bus, then an individual exposing himself like that? it is a manner of concern -- it is a matter of concern. a massive manhunt is underway in illinois. police are searching for three suspects in the shooting death of a police officer. right now armed search teams are combing through a suburban neighborhood between chicago and milwaukee. where veteran and father of four, joe was shot while chasing three men. he was 30 year veteran of the force, just weeks away from retiring. he is the fourth officer to be killed while on duty around the nation in a matter of weeks. police investigating a hotel an eight -- in an
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extended stay hotel on flagg street. police say to expect police presence in the area during the investigation. takent to switch years and a live look outside right now. it was a hot a to start your wednesday with the possibility of storms later. doug hill hill has a look at that forecast. it iseven though september 2, temperatures are still warming up in a hurry. that will be the story throughout the day. we will get to 90 or higher. later this afternoon? an atmosphere of disturbance will be headed our direction and fire does, it's sartre's up some thunderstorms. we will track see how many survive the trip, but we think that by 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon, it could be scattered storms across the area.
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check out these temperatures right now. 90 degrees in frederick and winchester. 88 at reagan national. with the moisture levels up, it feels a few degrees warmer. temperatures climbing today, looking for the scattered showers and thunderstorms. hotoving weather tomorrow, and humid with a lot more sunshine. there you can see the showers and the disturbance coming across ohio. we have a full report with a look at the labor day weekend coming up in a couple of minutes. jummy: see you then. several people injured in a serious crash in montgomery county this morning. we want you to take a look at this crash from news chopper seven. three vehicles and a motorcycle crashed just before 8:00 this morning. word on the extent of the injuries. we know that the road is closed while police investigate. a pretty busy day on the roads today. we want to head over to jamie
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sullivan, who has a look at traffic is noon. , trafficlive look here along the leesburg pike is moving. not a problem, so we are really light. if you are going to catch a flight, no delays. another thing that we are seeing? a little bit of a delay inbound on 66. it is stop and go. we are in the teens in some spots, picking back up to the 20's and 30's, clearing out closer to falls church. 395 is clear. 95 in virginia, an easy ride on your way up the occoquan. we have one issue that was cleared away in prince george's county. on the outer loop of the beltway .arlier debris is gone you are able to get through their now without a problem. as you see in the green, there is no backup. ,witching to montgomery county
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aspen hill road is closed, just as we mentioned a few minutes ago. andeen marianna drive connecticut avenue, still blocked off right now. bethesda, midday construction, cedar lane headed westbound, that's right, scheduled until 4:00 this afternoon. you are able to get by. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jummy: thank you. we want to cover metro now. it is under the microscope. the federal transportation administration has finally submitted an audit. what can they do to get these finances back on track? metro is scrambling to get its money back in order. they did such a bad job handling cash that it cut the agency ability to draw federal funds. nuclear dealma's is moving forward this noon.
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secretary of state john kerry delivered a speech this morning about the importance of the deal to our national security. the 30w reportedly have votes needed to keep the deal alive in congress. barbara mikulski became the crucial 34th vote. the deal is unanimously opposed by republicans. things are getting personal as republican candidates donald trump and jeb bush attack each other's past. illegal immigration being an put out ae, trump statement from push from the past, bush declaring the trump supports democrats. >> these are mischaracterizations of my views. trump: he is doing poorly in the polls. let's see what happens here. the bruising campaign has
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had its effect on them both. a new abc news washington post poll shows that their popularity ratings are in the negative. coming up on "abc 7 news at noon," easing the congestion. a recommendation for federal employees before the pope's visit. she called it heaven and hell. the new details about the clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses in kentucky. and the one thing that authorities say that they need desperately to fight the wildfires out west. plus the hot human weather continues. what could it mean for your labor day weekend? that is still ahead.
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>> you are watching "abc 7 news at noon." jummy: we are less than three weeks away from the visit of pope francis to the district and federal workers are being of araged to stay home pontiff is here. john gonzalez is live with details for us this noon. john? john: good afternoon. it will be a challenge getting around. take a look at where we are, live this afternoon. we are harnessed, we are tethered at the top of the belltower inside the basilica of the national shrine. we are told that this is the first ever live shot at this location. take a look at why we are tethered. that majestic dome, you are familiar with seeing that from this afternoon we are 250 feet up.
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we are told that this is the second highest point in the district and we can see most of the city. in fact, all of it. from up here you can really get a good view of where the crowds will be. thousands of people will gather right there on those grounds when pope francis celebrates his mass here at the basilica. from up here you can also see all the streets in d.c.. i have to tell you that from this vantage point traffic looks small and trivial, but we know that that is not the case and it will not be the case on september 23 when the pope makes his historic stops. the opm this afternoon is strongly encouraging federal agencies to encourage employees to not show up for work that day and to work from home -- telework, and other words. we spoke to residents and business owners who have been making plans for months.
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>> i am considering whether or not to bring my daughter and was thinking of a half day. the traffic is going to be backed up for why some time. i would have concerns about it. >> we will be staffing more with employees that live close by in these buildings. employees toing leave their homes earlier, make sure that there is enough lead time to get around. john: back here live, many of these roads will be closed. federal officials are saying to treat this as a snow event. the pope will be here september 22 through the 24th. reporting live, john gonzalez. viewerse want to remind to stay with abc seven as we get ready for the pope's historic visit. we are following every angle ahead of the trip on-air and .nline at this noon we have new information on a clerk in rowan
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notty, kentucky, who will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. she is facing a deadline. kim davis has a close -- has until the close of business today to respond. the court has ruled that if she does not comply, she will be and in contempt of court could face possible fines and jail time. davis says that she is exercising her lot that her right to religious freedom. opponents point out that she herself has been married four times. she and her assistants are set to appear tomorrow in court. wildfires out west draining the most important resource handling them, firefighters. normally fire start -- fire season would be starting to wind down, but crews are being told that it could stretch into october. some fire stations are now urging volunteers to sign up. such a tough position for them
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to be an out there. jamie: the scary thing is that this is -- doug: the scary thing is that this is the time of year with the santa ana winds kicking in, so it is just awful, no way around it. the el niƱo pattern will hopefully bring more rain to southern california, we have our fingers crossed on that. here i will tell you what, it is hot and humid. this just up the road, washington lee high school in arlington. like most parts of our viewing area, very little if any sunshine, but it has not prevented the temperatures from climbing rapidly in the mid-a. already into the 90 degree range. warm and humid. from romney to petersburg, even more in the weather center the question we have is whether these lines will survive or whether they will just wind down. there is a 30% to 40% chance
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that some of the showers and storms will make it across the mountains this weekend. keep that in mind. it could affect outdoor plans tonight, but we will track them throughout the day. otherwise short term temperatures in the upper 80's the near 90's climbing with added moisture in the air and it will definitely be hot and humid and you need a bright -- a bright and sunny day to be hot and humid, even in september. upper 60's, lower 70's, temperatures close to 90. 92, might see a glimmer of sunshine, but then showers and thunderstorms will be the story with light winds. satellite radar, we are tracking things for you across the area, it may briefly try to move out us afternoon, but at the same time more clouds will develop at the same time a showers and storms. humid,w will be hot and but we think that any rain tomorrow will be out in the mountains.
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friday, a different day, a cold front ringing more widespread showers and storms. a few of them making it across the mountains, some of them by 7:00 tonight. this is a computer simulation of what might happen, clearing out the hazy and the warm. showers and storms to the west in the higher elevations and then on friday we have a better chance for that. taking a look at conditions for the next seven days, the beach forecast is bright and sunny with a chance for isolated showers and storms tonight. better chances hot and humid again on friday but the hot -- holiday weekend looks great, with cooler temperatures, warmer , mid 80's in the carolinas. warm water temperatures and sunshine. that's good. 4 -- jummy: sounds like the perfect last weekend of summer. jamie: -- doug: great way to
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jummy: a new movie is putting a new spotlight on the potential health dangers of football. the film, concussion -- "concussion," starring will smith, about the story of a doctor who found a brain disease found in former players. the movie suggests that the nfl did not want to admit to the disease that could only be diagnosed after death. >> the nfl cannot just stick its head in the sand and pretend it does not exist.
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jummy: the nfl recently agreed to a settlement plan for thousands of retired players who suffered other serious diseases during their career. theaters hits
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jummy: all right, that does it
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